Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye.

Wall Street English unterstützt seit 21 Jahren Menschen in Deutschland, Englisch zu lernen. In dieser Zeit haben sich die Englischkenntnisse der deutschen Bevölkerung permanent verbessert. Ein Grund hierfür ist der oft sehr frühe Beginn des Englischunterrichts teilweise schon in der ersten Schulklasse.

Bei diesem hohen Englischniveau, das immer weitere Verbreitung in der Bevölkerung findet, wird es zunehmend schwierig, den hohen Standard der Wall Street English Ausbildung  zu liefern, die Sie als unsere Studenten gewohnt sind und auch zu Recht von uns erwarten.

Deshalb haben wir die sehr schmerzhafte Entscheidung gefällt, unser operatives Geschäft in Deutschland zu beenden.

Das bedeutet, dass Ihre lokale Wall Street English Sprachschule im Laufe diesen Jahres schließen wird.  Dabei stellen wir die Interessen von unseren Studenten in den Vordergrund und bieten nach Möglichkeit die Weiterführung Ihres Kurses bis zum geplanten Ende an.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie in unseren FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) unter www.wallstreetenglish.com/de.

Mit den allerbesten Wünschen

Ihr Wall Street English Team

Wall Street English has been helping people learn English in Germany for 21 years. In that time we have seen a number of changes for the better. One of those changes has been an overall improvement in English proficiency, often due to better English classes at school, now as early as the 1st class.

With a higher level of English being spoken by a larger amount of people in Germany, we feel it will, in the future, be increasingly difficult to deliver the full, high quality, WSE student experience that our students, just like you, expect and deserve.

For that reason, we have taken the difficult decision to close our operations in Germany.

This means that throughout this year, your local Wall Street English centre will close. While doing this we are committed to putting our students’ interests first by teaching out the remainder of their courses.

For further information our FAQs: https://www.wallstreetenglish.com/de

All the very best,

Your Wall Street English team

Bang! Wham! Pow! Learn English with Comics and Graphic Novels

“A picture is worth ten thousand words.” – Chinese proverb

From Superman to Spider-Man and from Green Lantern to Wonder Woman, comics have been a part of popular culture and they are the most widely read media throughout the world. My own passion for comics started when I was only a child. Back then I would collect every single edition of Spiff and Hercules (the French version of Pif et Hercule, the adventures of a brown-yellow dog (Pif) and a black-white cat (Hercule). I would check all the dazzling images and be challenged to decipher and understand colorful worlds and their stories. Even if the format has been perceived as simplistic, I have always been fascinated with the genre and the ways it presents accessible alternative views of culture, politics, history, becoming thus literacy builders, worthy of the same praise attributed to other forms of literature.

However, comics and graphic novels are more than superhero stories; they are one of the right tools to practice and improve your English. English learning should be fun, it should not be a chore, but something you enjoy doing. Sometimes students are overwhelmed when dealing with complex traditional texts which they might be capable of reading but incapable of fully understanding. That’s why comics and graphic novels might be one easy, accessible and appealing tool to practice your English. Continue reading