Southern U.S. | Cake Recipe

Recipe from Rebecca: Southern Red Velvet Cake with Raspberries and Blueberries

Hello students and friends! I thought it would be fun to share a recipe with you! Red velvet cake is often associated with the Southern United States, which is where I grew up. The cake layers in this recipe are red, which is achieved either from using beets or red food coloring in the batter. It is more common to use red food coloring in the recipe. The icing is either made using a French-style, butter-based roux icing or a cream cheese icing. The cake I tried used cream cheese icing. Also, I did not use as many berries with mine. I only added them to the top of the cake, and not in between the layers.

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Britain in Summer – the best outdoor venues on the island

The British summer is not as rainy as you might think it is – probably at least not rainier than in Germany. When the temperatures climb above 20 degrees and the sun comes out, people love to enjoy a nice day on the beach, in the park or a warm night at a cool rooftop bar.

We present the best venues for a hot summer in Britain:

Enjoy Devon Beach while dining (c) Matthew_Hartley @flickr

Enjoy Devon Beach while dining (c) Matthew_Hartley @flickr

Sure, a beach is the perfect place to enjoy a nice summer day. If you want to know where to find the best beaches in Britain, you can read more about our favourites here. However, to a good beach belongs a good seaside restaurant. One of the best restaurants is the Beach House in Devon: It not only offers a great panoramic view over the sea, you also get delicious grilled fish and fresh seafood. Great to enjoy a relaxing evening! For those who love fancy places and fancy food, Nathan Outlaw  in Cornwall is the place to be. The chef at St. Endoc Hotel in Rock has been awarded two Michelin stars and he serves the haute cuisine of sea food cooking. Continue reading

My trip to Bali and the Gili Islands

Hello everyone!
At the WSE center in Karlsruhe we all have a serious case of summer fever this week. Some of us had our first BBQs of the year and lots of us have been to the Baggersee, we’re even going to a beach bar next week! But I was really lucky to have a very tropical start to the summer when I went on holiday at the end of May to the most idyllic place I’ve ever visited- Bali in Indonesia.IMG-20150527-WA0027-2
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