TOEFL Preparation Course

Hello everyone!

About a quarter of a year ago I had to face a difficult challenge: to pass the TOEFL test. I needed this certificate as part of an application for the Architecture School in Delft (NL). Even though I feel comfortable speaking English, I needed to score at least 90 points, which seemed for me to be a tough challenge.

Because I had studied at Wall Street English before, I was familiar with the well-organized and effective methods of learning. That is why I decided to take part in one of the TOEFL preparation courses. Besides continuously improving my English knowledge, it was also a great pleasure to meet and study with all in the people in my group. This class has provided me with a deep understanding of the test’s structure and also helped me be well prepared for the test day itself.


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Kai’s Bike Workshop

For the first time in history, a Wall Street English bicycle workshop was organized, looking at the number one “road killer” for cyclists – punctures. Given the fact it was on a Monday evening, a small but selective crowd showed up without knowing what to expect.

The one-hour snappy workshop kicked off with a match game where everyone had the chance to get to know a bicycle better, although some decided to “give a couple of parts different names”. However, as it then came to noting down the steps of replacing a tube in English, teamwork nailed it just before the students found that they had to try to replace a tube themselves, of course with surprise.

“Really?” a couple asked. Soon it became “Don’t just laugh at me. Give it a go so I can laugh at you too!” between the participants. Not everyone managed it without second, third or fourth try but one hour turned out to be too short for the mount of fun watching people pretty good at English trying to change a bicycle tube.

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Adoptivsohn Mannheims

Jemand, der aus New Jersey kommt, hat eigentlich alles, was er braucht: New York City vor der Nase, Sand unter den Füßen und die Skipiste im Blick. Das einzige, was Steve dennoch überzeugen konnte, seine Heimatregion zu verlassen, war ganz einfach das Herz. So zog es Steve vor einigen Jahren nach Mannheim. Als Stadt nicht groß, nicht klein. Weder Fisch, noch Fleisch. Dafür so quadratisch, spannend und multikulti, dass er blieb. Jeden Tag, an dem er unterrichtet, lernt er etwas Neues über die verschiedensten Kulturen und bietet seinen Studenten als Gegenleistung seinen unverwechselbaren American Way of Life. Ein echter Adoptivsohn Mannheims eben.

An American in Mannheim

Hey there, my name is Steve and I would like to welcome you to my little corner of the Internet! Here you will get to learn all about me, America and my experiences in Germany. So without further ado, let’s get started!

I was born and raised in New Jersey, a small state on the East Coast of the United States. Growing up in New Jersey was a great experience, because of its geographical location. I was 45 minutes from New York City, 90 minutes from Philadelphia, and about 2 hours from the beach, so there was always somewhere to go. My winters were spent skiing in upstate New York, and my summers were spent on the beach (or as we New Jerseyans like to say, “down the shore”). I went to university in Pennsylvania, and later moved to Philadelphia after graduation.

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