The Celebration

Once upon a time, there was an English school in the heart of Cologne. They loved celebrating with their students. So every year, they got together to organize a big event. All over the land it was renowned as “the Best Summer BBQ party ever”.20150724-IMG_2017 Continue reading

If I were a rich man…

If is a small word with a lot of power. We use it to talk about the past, present and future. We use it to talk about things that happen every day and things that never happen. But be careful: have you just said what you really wanted to say?

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Graduation Party

On Thursday July 16th* schools across the country celebrated the graduation and achievements of their students. Check it out for yourselves!


What a great event last week in Dortmund.

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“Have” vs. “Had”

Our newest campaign launched about a week ago featuring John, a teacher in Dortmund, and with that launch we have received many questions regarding a sentence we’ve used. So we would like to shed a little “grammar” light on the meaning and difference when using “had” or “have”.

DoorDrop John Front
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