So true isn’t it? Think about it….no barriers of language, interpretation or reason. Always filled with emotions, feelings and questions….and the best thing is: anything goes!

…and this is what our vernissage on the 19th of June in our WSE Cologne Centre was all about. It was a great combination of Art Lovers, inquisitive newcomers, staff and students – getting together, full of curiosity. Continue reading

Meet the Teacher | Abigail

Hi everyone!

Hopefully if you’re reading this blog it’s because we might be seeing you in one of our centres soon, or maybe you’re already a regular visitor! Either way, I think it would be a good time to introduce myself.


My name is Abigail and I am one of the English teachers at the Wall Street English school in Karlsruhe, where I have lived now for three years. Before that I was really lucky to live in a few different British cities. Continue reading

Meet the Kiwi

Hi everyone. Here’s a little quiz:
What’s a Kiwi?
a) Is it a fruit?
b) Is it a bird?
c) Is it a person from New Zealand?
d) Is it all of the above?

Answer: d!

The bird came first and it’s the national symbol of New Zealand. It only comes out at night and it can’t fly. The fruit came last! It was originally called a Chinese gooseberry. And then there’s me……I’m a Kiwi too! And I can fly! Well, with the help of a plane!

Did you know that New Zealanders are affectionately called Kiwis? Did you also know Kiwis are everywhere in the world? We love to travel and learn about new cultures, countries and people.

So what was it like to grow up in New Zealand?
I loved growing up in New Zealand. Most of my childhood was in the countryside. Continue reading

Meet the Teacher | Rebecca

Meet the Teacher

Hello! I’m Rebecca and I am the person with the pom-poms who you may have seen on some billboards in the area. I am an American living in Bonn.  I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and moved here from Boston, Massachusetts four years ago.  I love living in Germany!  Of course, it was a big change from living in the States (more on that in a minute!), but has been so much fun to learn about a new culture, learn a new language (this continues to be a work in progress!), and experience life abroad.

Life for me in the United States was a lot of fun, and in case you are wondering, yes, I did have a brief stint as a cheerleader!  Continue reading